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Pull up a sandbag and swing the lamp!

Serving or Veteran, spouse or sibling, defence or attached civilian, man, woman (or whatever), black, white, green (or whatever) we all have stories we bore our mates with every time we discover a new victim in the bar (or where-ever). Sarah has decided she wants her observations on military life in print so “The Ditionary” is born, but she isn’t selfish and wants your stories too. So let us know if you want to be part of this exciting project raising money for charity and help us build on her My Name is Sarah dits.¬†

So send us your details and in a while (give us time its not the day job) we will get back to you with what we want and keep you updated monthly as to progress being made – you can chose to be public – name in print, a recognised Dit author, or anonomous, confessing thefore you may have nicked your mates story or embellished a few things, but that doesnt matter as it is all for a good cause.

Give us your Dit

Get your story published (maybe ;-) )