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Service Dogs UK

Service Dogs UK trains and provides PTSD Assistance Dogs, selected carefully from ‘rescue’, to support members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Our programme is unique and provides extensive assistance to Veterans over 9 months when training and ongoing assistance for life.  The Veteran’s report life enhancing changes including; more motivation, achievement, success, growing confidence as well as a reconnection with their families and the community.

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Tommy's Lounge

Tommy’s Lounge CIC is first and foremost a Veteran owned coffee lounge with a military theme, we specialise in providing a safe space where service personnel can be themselves, in a safe space and surrounded by other veterans who ‘get it’. We provide peer to peer support, signposting and generally a place where people can relax.  The lounge is set up with mental health in mind, most seating is backed against a wall with clear view exits and lots of memorabilia adorn the walls to create talking points.  So pull up a sandbag and come enjoy a brew in Huddersfield.

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Hidden Warriors CIC

Hidden Warriors CIC established 2019. Our organisation is run by volunteers that are serving members of the Royal Navy and Armed Forces Veterans. We Provide supportive assistance to the families (Children & Partners) of the UK Armed Forces Veterans Community by delivering on three initiatives:
1) School Uniform support
2) Sports and Activities to support mental well-being
3) Community events to encourage peer to peer support.
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BRAVEHOUND is a Scottish military charity which provides assistance dogs for veterans from all three branches of the Armed Forces, who live with a debilitating mental health condition such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or have cognitive impairment as a result of injury or experiences during military service. Some have additional physical injuries.

BRAVEHOUND dogs give these veterans a purpose, structure and reason to go out and join the community. Our dogs transform and in some cases save lives.

FrontFoot and form a unified platform committed to providing comprehensive support to the Armed Forces community, extending our reach to include not only serving members and veterans but also their families, cadets, and reserve forces. provides a central hub where veterans, serving members, and their families can access valuable resources, guidance, and a supportive community., an integral part of our ecosystem, complements this approach by serving as a practical gateway to employment opportunities.
Together, and create a seamless support system that considers the interconnected nature of military life.
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Forces Children’s Trust

Established in January 2004, Forces Children’s Trust is the first British charity to specifically support children whose parent has died or sustained life-changing injuries whilst serving as a member of the British Armed Forces.

The FCT offers physical activity support to young people who have experienced bereavement. From participating in expeditions abroad, residential weeks away, the children gain valuable life-skills to help them cope and adjust to life without a parent. There are many other aspects that the charity can help with, for example, organising bereavement counselling, help with extra-curricular lessons plus many other situations. The children along with their parent feel part of a family unit within the FCT and they support one another.

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Help 4 Homeless Veterans

As a charity, we have helped many homeless former service personnel by providing a wraparound Service of Care (SOC). We have housed many who were street homeless and provided more sustainable accommodation for those who previously were living in inadequate accommodation, many who were suffering from PTSD.

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